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I attempt to own the Bengal Cat, with spotty success...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Sapphire Shadow

What are Bengal cats? Let's talk.

Bengal cats were originally developed from crosses between domestic cats and the Asian Leopard Cat.

My Snow Bengal cat Sapphire sleeps next to me at night and follows me around during the day. She is a sweet companion.

Bengal cats come from Bengal to Bengal breeding only now.

They are active domestic cats that do not require special care.

This blog shall be a resource for all types of information on the Bengal cat. I will share my experiences and consult with experts to present the best information.

So let's talk about the Bengal cat!

Let's look at topics like food,veterinary care, litter and toys. We can also look at Bengal cat buying, breeding and showing. 

I would love to share what I know about Bengal cat photography and videography. Meanwhile look at my photos on Instagram and my videos on YouTube.

Please join this blog and feel free to ask questions.

I will do my best to find answers.